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The Fin and Feather Shop offers a large array of inventory and services. Click on one of the following to read more about it:

Archery Baits Boats Clothing Firearms
Flies Jigging Boxes Lures Offshore Reels




Our archery department offers bow tuning and custom arrow making.


We offer a wide range of live and frozen baits. Contact us to see what we have in the store.


The Fin and Feather Shop builds Rangeley boats in three styles and lengths. Click here to learn more about our Rangeley boats.










We stock the C.C. Filson clothing line, which is superior to any other outdoor clothing. It is rugged, comfortable and impossible to wear out.

* C.C. Filson clothing
* Wright & McGill clothing














We have our Federal Firearms License. We carry a small inventory of fine quality firearms. We are pleased to do any shipping or transfers of firearms. Contact us for more information.

Flies and Fly Tying

Our fly tying department offers all the modern and up-to-date synthetic materials for saltwater patterns. We also carry a large selection of natural materials, for the naturalist, with many styles and sizes of hooks.

* Enrico Puglisi flies Fin and Feather's Fly Patterns
* Freshwater flies
* Hundreds of saltwater flies
* Northern Maine trout flies
* Salmon trolling streamers











Jigging Boxes

We build the best salmon trolling jigging boxes on the market. Click here to learn more.


















We have one of the best selections of freshwater and saltwater fishing tackle in New England. Our fishing department can outfit the most experienced anger as well as the beginner. We have the freshwater gear to help you catch largemouth and smallmouth bass, trout and landlocked salmon, a personal specialty and favorite of the shop’s owner.

We also offer a large selection of saltwater plugs, rods and reels. We carry a large selection of plugs that have been proven time and again by some of our best striped bass fishermen. If it works, we have it on the wall.

* Gibbs lures Fin and Feather's Lure Selection
* Yo Zuri lures
* Salmon spoons
* School bluefin outfits and lures












Check out our large assortment of offshore fishing gear that can help you catch any offshore quarry in the area.

* Carlson Offshore Tackle
* Teasers
* Spreader bars
* Lures
* Rigs
* Accessories














We carry a wide range of spinning and fly reels, including Penn, Shimano and Teton. We can also repair your broken reel.

* Old Florida/Nautilus fly reels Fin and Feather's Reels
* Penn reels
* Shimano reels
* Teton fly reels










Our selection of rods is impressive. We carry the largest selection of St. Croix rods, from fly rods to spinning rods, to boat rods and surf rods--both freshwater and saltwater models. The store can also build you a custom rod and repair your broken rod.

* St. Croix rods Fin and Feather's Rods
* Thomas and Thomas fly rods












If you have any questions about any of our products, please contact us.