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Originally designed over 20 years ago, John Carlson knew he had a good product. We offer a variety of this classic trolling teaser to match your fishing needs.

Carlson Bird
Each and every bird is hand-crafted (by John himself) to assure the highest quality is met; and that it's worthy of putting his name on it. Fisherman were first drawn to his product because of this craftsmanship. More importantly, they started to catch fish – lots of fish.









Carlson Ultimate Bird
After 20 years of having one of the most popular teasers on the market. John Carlson decided to raise the bar a notch or two. Three years in the making and countless prototypes, the new Carlson bird was created. The new bird has the best qualities of the classic wooden bird with the upgraded features of a plastic construction.









Carlson Birdie
The Carlson Birdie is a 7" bird that is perfect for running ahead of your smaller lure or bait to add just the right amount of splash and commotion to attract strikes from school bluefin and yellowfin tuna. Perfect for lighter rod and line classes, this will be a sure hit among the small boat crowd. The Carlson birdie is available in four unbelievable paint schemes.











Carlson Mini Bird
The Carlson Mini Bird comes in 3" and 5" sizes, and like the birdie, is perfect for running ahead of your smaller lure or bait to add just the right amount of splash. Perfect for use when the natural bait is small, and the fish are finicky. Again, these are also designed for the light tackle angler.







Carson Plastic Bird
The 5" Carlson Plastic Bird is a solid hard plastic bird with a through hole drilled on center. This is a perfect bird for making daisy chains, spreader bars, or as a lead bird ahead of your favorite lure. The applications for this bird are limited only by your imagination.









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