The Fin and Feather Shop


Where to Fish

The Fin and Feather Shop is close to some of the best fishing in New England. Here is where to fish.

The Ipswich Bay is just a short run by boat from one of three boat ramps in town, where the opportunities are never-ending for deep water trolling for bass and blues. If one is determined enough and the conditions are favorable, both giant and school-sized bluefin tuna can be plentiful.

By car, we are only minutes from the coasts of Cape Ann, famous for its rocky and beach shoreline, most of which is fishable. These shorelines are some of the best fishing spots for many anglers in the fall to interrupt the southern migration of stripers. A little bit further north, we have the Rowley River, Parker River, Merrimack River and Plum Island Sound. All of these spots are accessible, fruitful fishing destinations.

These adventurous fishing opportunities are within sight from the front door of The Fin and Feather Shop. Contact the store for directions to any of these hot spots.